We build and manage limitless adventures

Since 2004, we have been building and managing successful adventure parks. 
We manage the Jungle Raider Park in Civenna, Margno, and Albavilla, in the provinces of Como and Lecco. In collaboration with an association, we also manage the JRP Xtreme in Caglio (CO).

Parco Avventura Jungle Raider Park costruito da Italiana Parchi

Jungle Raider Park

Three parks with thrilling courses structured on vines, ropes, suspended passages in the air, and the formidable Tarzan Jump.

Logo del parco divertimenti JRP Extreme

Jrp xtreme

Real extreme fun with 7 breathtaking attractions: jumps, adventures, and a 250-meter-long zip line.

The Sole Italian Company Holding the SOA "OS32" Wooden Structures Certification

We are immensely proud to be the sole Italian company to have achieved the SOA "OS32" Wooden Structures Certification, a crucial document for companies operating in the public sector. This certification is issued by authorized competent bodies following a rigorous technical-economic evaluation of the company. 
Our ability to execute projects involving the supply and installation of wooden structures has been certified, thus expanding our scope of operations and attesting to the following:

  • Compliance with tax and social security obligations
  • Reliability and technical-organizational competence
  • Economic and technical capacity to qualify for public works contracts up to €613,000
  • Operational capacity demonstrated through the successful completion of complex projects
  • Possession of adequate equipment for the execution of works

The SOA "OS32" Wooden Structures Certification, valid for 5 years with triennial verification, demonstrates that we possess all the essential requirements to compete effectively in both the public and private sectors.

Not only is our company certified, but so are the materials we use, which bear the LATIF Trento certification for the "chain" system and cable crimping. Additionally, all the adventure parks we construct receive ACCREDIA certification in compliance with standards 15567-1:2020 and 15567-2:2020.


SOA "OS32" Wooden Structures

The SOA "OS32" Wooden Structures Certification confirms our capability to execute projects on adventure parks worth up to €613,000. 

We stand as the sole company in Italy to hold this prestigious certification.


LATIF Trento certification

The "chain" system, a special construction technique that minimizes stress on trees, and cable crimping (the most secure method for closing ropes) are both certified and guaranteed by the LATIF Trento technological laboratory.


ACCREDIA certification

We adhere to the standards 15567-1:2020 and 15567-2:2020 in our construction practices. All our adventure parks receive ACCREDIA certification, an Italian government-designated body that attests and verifies the compliance of works with current regulations.

Our suppliers

We use Italian suppliers for excellent raw materials.
Harnesses and carabiners made by Kong, Italy's largest company for this type of PPE.
Wood, the most susceptible to wear and tear, comes from Italian forests, with a 15-year guaranteed boron and chromium-free treatment, to protect the environment and provide additional quality assurance.
The cable is produced directly in the steel district of Lecco.
High-strength clamps and shackles are manufactured by a leading Italian stamping company.

Aggancio di sicurezza un percorso tra gli alberi Realizzazione di un percorso tra gli alberi in un Adventure park