Caspoggio Adventure Park

Adventure park with an exclusive attraction:
the tallest swing in Italy, offering a 25-meter flight experience!

Realizzazione parco avventura a caspoggio Ostacolo a rete parco avventura caspoggio Costruzione parco avventura a caspoggio Salto con altalena caspoggio Passerella del parco avventura di caspoggio Costruzione parco avventura caspoggio

The setting

To connect people with the surrounding nature, the Municipality of Caspoggio (SO) has entrusted us with the construction of the adventure park in the larch forest overlooking the village.
Due to the steep terrain, in addition to the "classic" tree courses, we may consider adding a special attraction to provide visitors with a more immersive experience.
The adventure park will cater to families, from young children to adults.

Our solution

After conducting a careful study of the location, we designed an adventure park with a unique feature: the tallest swing in Italy. We constructed it between two trees, with ropes reaching heights of up to 25 meters. The mega swing can only be used with the harness.
In addition to the mega swing, we designed and built 8 paths, totaling approximately 1600 meters in length, with 55 passages. The park covers an area of approximately 16,000 square meters.

The result

The park has been operational since June 2021.

  • Location: Caspoggio (SO)
  • Ownership: Municipality of Caspoggio
  • Paths number: 8
  • Passages number: 55