Jungle Raider Park Albavilla

Guaranteed fun on over 100 elements, 
including an incredible Tarzan Jump.

The setting

From the passion for nature and adventure arises Jungle Raider Park in Albavilla, the second largest adventure park in Lombardy. The company Jungle Raider Park wanted to expand its offerings, and by continuing to trust us after the construction of the other two adventure parks in Civenna and Margno, they entrusted us with the construction of their third adventure park aimed at the whole family, from 3-year-old children to adults.

Our solution

We designed and built 12 paths, with a total length of approximately 2500 meters. The park covers an area of about 11,000 square meters. With its 103 passages, it offers diverse challenges: from the incredible Tarzan Jump to passages with mechanical planks, pulleys, and spiral staircases winding up majestic American firs, some reaching up to 40 meters in height and with diameters exceeding 2 meters.

The result

The park has been operational since February 2018 and has welcomed over 10,000 visitors during the opening season (from April to November).

  • Location: Albavilla (CO)
  • Ownership: Private person
  • Paths number: 12
  • Passages number: 103