JRP Xtreme

A real extreme fun thanks to 7 breathtaking zip lines:
up to 60 meters in height and one zip line that is 250 meters long.

The setting

From the goal of providing an adventure at the highest adrenaline levels, JRP Xtreme was born. The whole family should be able to experience extreme fun in maximum safety and immersed in nature. With these premises, Park Team Service turned to us for the construction of a unique adventure park in Italy, characterized by attractions that challenge the courage of visitors!

Our solution

We designed and built 11 paths, with a total length of approximately 3600 meters. The park covers an area of about 213,000 square meters. To provide visitors with an incredible adventure, we constructed 7 zip lines reaching heights of up to 60 meters and lengths of up to 120 meters, a zip line reaching speeds of 50 km/h, and a 10-meter free-fall jump. There is also a course specifically designed for children and teenagers, featuring 40 passages
The construction of this park was very challenging both in terms of technical aspects and materials.

The result

The park has been operational since March 2015 and has welcomed over 2,000 visitors during the opening season (from April to November).

  • Location: Caglio (CO)
  • Ownership: Private person
  • Paths number: 11
  • Passages number: 40