How we build an adventure park

Thanks to careful planning, we will create an adventure park that is not only fun for guests but also efficient to manage.

This is because it's not enough to create beautiful attractions for the park to function; it is essential to design every step with an understanding of what the real experience will be for guests, instructors, and managers. Furthermore, the use of high-quality materials combined with an innovative and unique construction method allows us to offer you a product that reduces maintenance time.

Last but not least, we will share with you our wealth of information and communication protocols that will help you achieve the desired business success.

All the phases of the adventure park construction process

A well-defined process, honed over years of experience, that combines our technical capabilities with managerial ones to offer you a complete product.

Fase di sopralluogo per la progettazione di un parco avventura


Site inspection

We will visit the site where the adventure park will be built together, in order to assess the terrain and the possibilities related to the area. The site inspection is essential to understand the actual potential of the area.

Permessi per l'apertura di un parco avventura


Bureaucratic assistance and consultation

Our team will assist in handling the paperwork and obtaining all the necessary permits for construction.

Cura degli alberi per la manutenzione di un parco divertimenti sostenibile


Analysis of plants and trees

Our team consists of 4 forestry agronomists who exclusively conduct non-invasive plant analysis, avoiding any harm to the trees, while keeping the bark intact and healthy. Area mapping is also carried out.

Progettazione parco avventura


Track design

Together, we will prepare a preliminary project where we will decide on the type and difficulty of the trails, and our experience will be at your disposal to choose the solutions most favored by people. 
Finally, a design engineer will create the final project with a technically perfect, functional, and safe layout.

Tecnici esperti intenti a costruire una zipline per un percorso tra gli alberi


Construction of the paths

We construct according to the UNI 15567 Standard, and our team of 6 specialized rope workers will install platforms, obstacles, and structures using only certified materials and high-quality Italian wood.

We install the ZAZA continuous lifeline that eliminates the risk of detachment, even unintentional, of the safety carabiner. ZAZA 1 is installed on the children's course, and ZAZA 2 on the adult course.

Essential & Esclusive,
two lines for all needs

We have created two different lines to offer different but always high-quality products.


Essential is our entry-level line that allows you to combine the highest quality materials with practical games and finishes without any compromise.


Exclusive is designed for those looking for an adventure park with unique details: games with special and refined finishes.

Certified systems
for everyone's safety

Thanks to the use of the certified 'chain' system, a special construction technique that reduces stress on the trees, and the use of high-quality materials from the best industry suppliers, the final result will combine maximum safety with respect for the trees and nature, reducing and optimizing the necessary ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions.


We use carabiners, harnesses, and safety devices from specialized PPE companies, such as the Italian brand Kong.

Team italiana parchi costruisce un adveture park Bambino su percorso avventura con moschettone di sicurezza Realizzazione di un parco divertimenti nel bosco Team italiana parchi realizza una zipline Team italiana parchi costruisce percorsi avventura su albero 6 Tecnico specializzato si occupa della manutenzione di un parco avventura Aggancio di sicurezza un percorso tra gli alberi Realizzazione di un percorso tra gli alberi in un Adventure park Fase di realizzazione di un percorso acrobatico tra gli alberi Tecnico mette in sicurezza un percorso acrobatico nel verde Realizzazione delle basi in un percorso tra gli alberi al parco divertimenti Moschettone di sicurezza 2
Operai esperti testano la sicurezza di una zipline tra gli alberi


Testing of the paths

A testing engineer, separate from the design engineer to ensure maximum transparency and avoid conflicts of interest, will inspect all the courses to verify their safety. The inspection can also be carried out by the external body Accredia, the Italian government-designated National Accreditation Body, which certifies the park in accordance with the UNI EN 15567-1:2020 standard.

Persona supera il passaggio del percorso tra gli alberi su carrucola


Completion of work

At the end of the works, the following manuals are provided: park usage and maintenance, project documentation, structural testing, phytosanitary analysis.

Famiglia si diverte al parco avventura


Training and Support

In addition to designing and building a fun and efficient park, we will support you to make the facility's launch easy and profitable, training staff in various essential areas.

  • Supply of all necessary PPE for park usage
  • Staff training
  • Assistance in creating a basic communication campaign: website, social media, and flyers
  • Techniques for routine maintenance of the facility
  • Procedures for managing groups, schools, youth centers, and summer camps
  • Group and event packages: birthdays, graduation parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties

When adventure takes shape:
the case of Jungle Raider Park

How to redevelop a disused forest in the stunning setting of Lake Como? By creating a space where people could have an exceptional outdoor fun experience.

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Famiglia al parco avventura jungle raider park