We want to ensure safe and unforgettable experiences

The maintenance of adventure park courses is essential to ensure the safety and enjoyment of visitors while preserving the health of the trees.

We perform both routine and extraordinary maintenance on existing adventure parks. In courses with double carabiner lifelines, we install continuous lifelines.

We care about the health of the trees

Many tree species grow significantly, and the lifeline can constrict the trunk, damaging the bark and preventing the natural growth of the tree. If neglected, this can lead to the death of the tree.

We care about the health of every tree and want to preserve the natural beauty of the surrounding environment while ensuring the safety of the courses. Our maintenance service involves moving platforms and lifelines to allow the tree to grow without harm.

All of this is made possible by using the chain system, which saves time and costs and allows for adjustments without having to cut and start over, as is the case with the 'dead-end' lifeline."

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